Friday, December 9, 2016

JC Winter Outreach.

It's cold outside! 18 degrees this evening with a wind chill of 10 degrees. It's hard to believe we have folks in our community who are sleeping, outside, in this weather. We currently have one shelter here, the Salvation Army. On many nights you will find it full, which leaves many on the streets, in remote and secluded areas, trying to stay warm.

We can help.

On various evenings, throughout the winter when the weather is 20 and below, a team of people will go out in the city to check in with homeless folks to see if they would like a ride to the shelter or items to make that evening and beyond a bit easier. Here are the items we are currently looking for.

Blankets (New or clean used, no holes, afghans or small throws)
Sleeping bags
Hot hands and feet
Trial size toothpaste
Trial size body wash, shampoos and conditioners
Trial size deodorants
Trial size lotions
Small packs of tissue 
Small packs of wet wipes
Small flashlights with batteries
Granola Bars
Beef Sticks
Small packages of nuts
Package of peanut butter crackers
Bottled Water

Money to buy fruits, other personal care items such as feminine care items, long johns, etc., on a as needed basis.

If you would like to make a monetary donation, your donation is tax deductible and will go to buying the essential items needed for this effort. The donate button is to your left and is quick and easy to use.

Together, I believe we can do anything and at least make life a little better for others.

Thank you for your support and please be on the lookout for upcoming dates that we will go out!

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